Glasses & Frames Repair in Melbourne

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Have you recently damaged or broken your glasses? Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere; you may drop your glasses on the floor or you may need to get rid of the glass scratches.

But every broken glass frame deserves a second chance. You need an expert to deal with your delicate frames carefully and provide assured quality services on time.

Why replace your expensive frames when you can simply get them repaired?

At Mordialloc Optical, we offer services for sunglasses repair in Melbourne at cost-effective prices. We understand how problematic it can be for you to sustain without your glasses, which is why we offer quality frame repair services and a quick turnaround time.

From installing a new nose pad to replacing your old, worn off glasses, we can take care of everything. Our speciality lies in repairing all range of spectacles, eyeglasses and sunglasses frames. We pay attention to even the smallest details and fix damaged spectacle frames with the utmost care.

The next time you look for glasses frames repair services in Melbourne, you know you can count on us. No matter the problem with your glasses, we assure to provide the best possible repair services to retain your glass frame in its original condition. We have a team of experienced professionals who know all about time-saving and advanced repair techniques and methods.

If you have broken sunglasses or prescription glasses at home, don’t wait, contact us today and let our team repair them for you.

What Makes us Different?

Mordialloc Optical is a result of a committed team ready to serve the community in the best way possible. Our team intends to provide customised eye care solutions to help patients deal with their eye problems.

We can handle a variety of branded glasses frames for repair. We have an in-house facility where we carry out the daily repair operations and restore frames of our customers. Our qualified laser welders make sure that all the improvements are done in a precise manner.

Eyeglasses Repair

We specialise in dealing with metal and plastic glass frames. Once our experts analyse the existing condition of your frame, we will finalise a date. While we try our best to do the repairs on the spot, sometimes when the damage is severe, we conduct the repairs using laser welding technology to achieve high levels of precision.

Our Eyeglass Repair Services Include:

  • Welding the hinges and nose pads
  • eplacing broken and scratched glasses
  • Repairing/replacing spring hinges and screws
  • Glass rejuvenation and polish
  • Frame alignment

Whether it is your spectacles or sunglasses, we have the right type of eyeglass repair services for you. Our eye care professionals will take extra care of your frames and will restore them as quickly as possible. We take pride in the quality of the services we provide to the customers.

Get the perfect eyewear repair services. Call us today for more details on our quick and efficient sunglasses repair in Melbourne.

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