Designer Glasses & Frames in Melbourne

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Your glass frames say a lot about your personality. They bring a sense of style and distinguishes you from the rest plus your glasses helps you see the world in a better light.

So, why compromise on the quality?

If you have recently got prescription glasses or want to update your look, Mordialloc Optical can help. We are happy to present our extensive collection of designer glasses frames that are highly functional and comfortable to wear for long hours. Let our professionals cater to your needs through an eye examination. We also treat chronic eye health problems.

Finding the right pair of glass frames may seem a difficult task to you. No need to worry. Our staff will help you find the perfect designer glasses frames that match your personality and dressing style.

Our eyeglass collection is impeccable and are built to last longer. They are highly durable and protects your eyes against dust, heat and harmful UV rays.

What To Do?

Book your appointment via phone call or online and our optometrists will conduct an eye examination. Based on the results of your eye test, they will prescribe you a number.

Remember your designer glasses frames are an essential part of your identity. Explore our polarised sunglasses lenses that effectively reduces sun glare and provides crystal-clear vision.

Mordialloc Optical brings a unique range of shatter-proof eyewear that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Our comprehensive range of eye care solutions majorly focuses on:

Our designer frames are designed to improve your vision regardless of the lighting conditions.

You can shortlist the frames based on your prescription, colour, material, lens shape and size.

Fill out our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also give us a phone call and book your appointment.

Designer Optical Frames

If you’re experiencing a problem with your eyes, we suggest you see our optometrist. You can have serious vision problems despite your age group and health.

Our team of optometrists are committed to taking good care of your eyes by providing eye care services.

We have our designer optical frames to treat and protect your vision. Made from state-of-the-art laser technology, all the frames have a precise built.

Explore our high-quality eye wear solutions for you and your family.

We are one of the leading registered providers of designer optical frames in Melbourne.

Broke your only pair of optical frames? Don’t wait, visit our showroom today and get ready to make a style statement.